Person on computer with dog

A Pet Paradise

At Parc Riverside, both residents and their pets are our top priority. From adventure to relaxation, our Navy Yard pet-friendly apartments are nothing short of pawsome. Spend your morning at the park, your afternoon in the pet salon, and your evening cozy on the couch with your best friend by your side.

Sounds like pet paradise. Tell me more…

Pet’s need plenty of love and attention, especially when they’re young. Pack a bag full of their toys for some special one-on-one time outdoors. When living at Parc Riverside, there are plenty of green spaces to choose from. For starters, if your pet is antsy to roam and run, then go for an adrenaline pumping game of fetch at Garfield or Canal Park – both are great places to have fun and get their paws dirty.

That’s how playing should be. What’s next?

After a much-needed playdate, it’s time to clean up. At our pet-friendly apartments in DC, we make pampering your pet simple. Enter: the Parc Riverside pet salon. Start with a deep conditioning fur treatment and a warm soapy bath. Then, fluff them up with a gentle blow dry and a smooth comb through their freshly groomed fur. Complete their full pet spa treatment with a fancy paw-dicure and tasty treat in hand.

They’re going to love that. Now what?

A dinner at home with your pal by your side. Order in your favorite meal from a local restaurant or dish up something special for you and your pal to enjoy. When the food’s ready, pick a spot by your floor-to-ceiling windows to dine while you feast your eyes on the city’s beautiful sunset scene. The best bond is formed when spending quality time with your pet as you watch the sky paint pink, orange, then blue. Lightly stroke their fur as you enjoy creating these unforgettable memories together at Parc Riverside.

Ready to live in pet paradise? Schedule a tour today to learn more about our community in Navy Yard, DC.

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